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Welcome to Harvester Park Little League's home on the web!


Harvester Park Little League 

Serving Burr Ridge, Darien, Willowbrook, Willow Springs, Indian Head Park, Countryside and Downers Grove

Representing the communities of Burr Ridge, Darien, Willowbrook,
Willow Springs, Indian Head Park, Countryside and Downers Grove as the introduction to organized youth baseball, we hope you and your child will have a very enjoyable season. Our program is open to all players and emphasizes fundamental baseball in a positive atmosphere, where the main goals are learning the game and having fun.



HPLL On-Line Registration for the upcoming 2016 regular season

opens November 1, 2015!!



Click the REGISTER ONLINE LINK located on the left side tab.

On-Line registration for the 2016 baseball season opens on

November 1, 2015.

For more details on our league about dates, times and divisions, please see our Information Page or FAQ section.


For Information please email us at:

Simplified Text Alerting System

Instant Text Alerts for Last-Minute Game Changes

Now parents, care takers, children, umpires and league officials can all be instantly notified with real time information about changes or updates to the schedule!

Please sign-up for our text/email alerting system that allows us to send you a short text or email message to your cell phone and/or email account.  No more wondering if the games are canceled.  Now you’ll be instantly alerted no matter where you are, even in the middle of a game day.  Just follow the link below to sign-up for this secure alert system and we’ll keep everyone instantly updated.  We highly recommend utilizing this very useful tool for disseminating information quickly and securely.


If you are a new member, then use the included link and register this year for HPLL as a new user. 

If you already have an account with SimplfiedAlerts from last year or from AYSO or any other organization, you still need to login and update your account to make sure you get alerts for the Appropriate Division(s) for this year. When you login, towards the top of the screen, you will see this note: 

Already have an account? LOG-IN HERE to update your information >>).  

Just click there to update your records for which Divison(s) your child is now registered. If you login with the same email and password that you’ve used before from last year or from AYSO, it gives you the option of accessing both alert systems with the same email and password, which is convenient.  Once you sign in, select the Division that applies to you and you will receive notifications from the league.  Each person wanting notification needs to sign up and create and account.

Questions about Simplified Text Alerts?
Please contact: Jimmy Haimann @

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Top 10 Things Your Kid Wants You To Do!

Top 10 Things Kids Want Parents To Do in Youth Sports
"Organized youth sport is a valuable form of recreation for millions of children (Weinberg & Gould, 2007) made possible by substantial adult involvement (Weiss & Fretwell, 2005). Coaches and parents can be a source of support or a source of stress throughout the "sport careers" of young athletes (Fredricks & Eccles, 2004; Smith & Smoll, 2007). Some adults may behave in ways that promote stress in children simply because they do not understand how children want them to behave (Omli, LaVoi, & Wiese-Bjornstal, 2008)."
-From Kids Speak Project
We hear the extreme stories in the news: "Youth league parent jailed for punching coach (or umpire)".

Umpires tell me there is more yelling and jeers from parents at youth levels than at the high school and college levels.

We see it in more subtle ways in players as a youth league coach.
  • Coaching kids from the stands or by the fence, kids do worse because they are confused that the coach is telling them one thing and a parent another.
  • Parents who criticize for every out or error that leads to kids being overly critical of their own performance. The exceedingly high expectations parents place on them can't be met so kids tense up and under-perform.
So what's the primary solution? The development of new educational programs for parents at the local league levels? A greater emphasis in umpires ejecting parents for disruptive behavior?

The simple solution is to listen to what your kids want.

What do they want? According to Dr. Jens Omil, of the Institute Child Development at the University of Minnesota, who asked kids as part of the Kids Speak project, here are the Top 10 Things Kids Want Parents to Do at Youth Sport Events:
  1. Go to their games and watch them play.
  2. Tell them that they did a good job.
  3. Clap after their team does something good.
  4. Encourage them after the game if their team lost.
  5. Encourage them while they are playing.
  6. Control your own emotions.
  7. Say “good try” if they make a mistake.
  8. Bring treats for them and their teammates.
  9. Take pictures or video of the game while they play.
  10. Compliment the umpire or referee if they make a good call.
And here are the Top 5 Things Kids DO NOT Want Parents to do at Youth Sports Events:
  1. Tell them to break the rules.
  2. Swear or say “bad words” loud enough for them to hear.
  3. Say mean things to the other team or umpires.
  4. Yell at them if they make a mistake.
  5. Argue with parents from the other team.
Pass this article along to parents, coaches or anyone associated with youth sports. Let's have a great season out there.

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Find us on Facebook!!!

Harvester Park Little League and Hammers Baseball are now on Facebook!

Hello Everyone!
We are pleased to announce that Harvester Park Little League (HPLL) is now on Facebook.
HPLL is looking to make this a hub for our league. The goal for the Facebook page is to have another way to connect with all of you. Not only will we update Facebook with important league events and announcements but we will be consistently sharing links from around the web that we think may be of interest to you and will be looking for more and more ways to connect with you.  
We invite you to "Like" us so you can stay up to date with all things HPLL and Hammers.  Please share our page with friends, share interesting links that you may find, start discussion threads and have fun!  Feel free to post, ask questions and connect with your fellow members. We welcome your feedback!


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Field Status
Harvester Park East - Burr Ridge OPEN (8/26) 
Harvester Park Middle - Burr Ridge OPEN (8/26) 
Harvester Park West - Burr Ridge OPEN (8/26) 
Palisades Park - Burr Ridge OPEN (8/26) 
Pleasantdale (A Field) - Burr Ridge OPEN (8/26) 
Pleasantdale East Field - Burr Ridge OPEN (8/26) 
Pleasantdale North Field - Burr Ridge OPEN (8/26) 
Pleasantdale West Field - Burr Ridge OPEN (8/26) 
White Buffalo Park - Burr Ridge OPEN (8/26) 
Harvester Park Rainout Line

Harvester Park Field Rainout Line.


HPLL Families, You can call the number on the screen or >>>>

Smartphone users - Can download the app from the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps and or sign up for text email alerts through the site.

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